TeraSigner is a digital signature solution that provides a secure and efficient way to sign electronic documents. It uses advanced cryptographic algorithms to ensure the integrity and authenticity of the signed documents. TeraSigner is compatible with various types of digital certificates and supports multiple signing formats, including PDF and XML. TeraSigner is a flexible solution that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, making it suitable for various organizational needs. With TeraSigner, users can sign documents with confidence, knowing that their signatures are secure and compliant with industry standards and regulations. TeraSigner adheres to the ETSI and ISO-32000 standards and can be used with any signing key platforms.

Signature Types

Standards Compliance

TeraSigner conforms closely to both ETSI, eIDAS and PDF ISO-32000 standards.

Secure Adaptation

The ability to adapt quickly to changes in cryptographic methods to maintain security.

Agile Deployment

TeraSigner is a lightweight and easily deployable solution that can adjust to changing architectures as they evolve.

Agile Signatures

TeraSigner can operate in both synchronous and asynchronous modes, and is designed to efficiently adjust to situations where high performance is needed.

Remote Signing

• Certificates with Short Validity Periods
• Certificates with Long Validity Periods

Multi-Factor Authentication Options

• Signing with mobile authentication
• Signing with OTP authentication


Containerization using Docker and Kubernetes for easy deployment and scalability

PDF Advanced Electronic Signature Profiles (PAdES) ETSI EN 319 142

• Part 1: Building blocks and PAdES baseline signatures
• Part 2: Additional PAdES signatures profiles

XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES) ETSI EN 319 132

• Part 1: Building blocks and XAdES baseline signatures
• Part 2: Extended XAdES signatures

CMS Advanced Electronic Signatures (CAdES) ETSI EN 319 122

• Part 1: Building blocks and CAdES baseline signatures
• Part 2: Extended CAdES signatures

JSON Advanced Electronic Signatures (JAdES) ETSI TS 119 182

• Part 1: Building blocks and JAdES baseline signatures
• Part 2: Extended JAdES signatures

Associated Signature Containers (ASiC) ETSI EN 319 162

• Part 1: Building blocks and ASiC baseline containers
• Part 2: Additional ASiC containers

Business Application Interfaces

Proprietary interface:
• Custom-built interface
• Interface that is unique to a specific vendor or product
CSC (Cloud Signature Consortium) interface:
• Interface provided by CSC for cloud applications
• CSC v2 interface