TeraCA is software that acts as a Certification Authority, overseeing the issuance and revocation of certificates and CRLs, and it supports a versatile and customizable range of certificate policies.

Key Features

This software is created to be both highly efficient and reliable, with the ability to adapt to different environments. It secures CA keys through the use of HSM or Cloud KMS, allowing you to keep possession of the keys while we provide the software.

High throughput

High throughput for certificate requests and revocations to support modern large-scale systems.

High availability

Its capable of working with any PKI platforms.

CRL Monitoring

It has been developed to detect and inform users of any incidents related to CRL, including but not limited to unavailability, expiration, or errors.


Crypto-agile support for multiple cryptographic algorithms and key sizes to enable seamless migration to new standards.

Strong security

Its capable of working with any PKI platforms.

Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment options on-premises, cloud, or hybrid to meet diverse organizational needs.

User-friendly interface

User-friendly interface for administrators to manage certificates, monitor performance, and configure settings.


Compliant with relevant industry standards and regulations, including PCI DSS and GDPR.


Containerization using Docker and Kubernetes for easy deployment and scalability


Support for industry-standard operating systems and services


Scalability through the use of container orchestration and automatic scaling features.


The structure for issuing certificates is fully compliant with RFC-5280.