About us

TeraSign Pvt Limited is a technology company that specializes in providing advanced solutions for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and digital signatures. With a focus on security and efficiency, TeraSign offers a range of products and services to help businesses and organizations securely manage their digital identities and protect their sensitive data.


TeraSign PKI solution enables the creation, management, and distribution of digital certificates and keys for users, devices, and applications. This ensures the authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality of online transactions and communications.

TeraSign’s digital signature solution allows users to sign and verify electronic documents and transactions with legally binding digital signatures. This helps to streamline business processes and reduce paper-based workflows, while ensuring compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

About TeraSign

With a team of experienced professionals and a customer-centric approach, TeraSign is committed to providing reliable, scalable, and easy-to-use solutions for PKI and digital signatures. The solutions are designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses and organizations in various industries, including finance, healthcare, government, and more.

Mission Statement

TeraSign Pvt Limited's mission is to provide efficient and secure PKI and digital signature solutions that meet the needs of businesses and organizations worldwide. We aim to simplify the complex processes of digital signature and PKI technology, while ensuring the highest levels of security and compliance with industry standards. Our focus is to provide exceptional customer service and support, while staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the field. We strive to enable businesses to conduct their operations digitally with confidence and trust, through our innovative solutions.

CEO Vision Statement

TeraSign's CEO envisions the company as the forefront provider of advanced and secure PKI and digital signature solutions, enabling both individuals and enterprises worldwide to conduct digital transactions with ease and confidence. The company is dedicated to continually innovating and enhancing its technology to cater to the ever-changing requirements of its customers while upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity. The ultimate goal is to establish a world where TeraSign's technology empowers everyone to conduct their digital transactions with complete trust and security.