TeraResponder is a certificate status responder that provides real-time certificate status updates. It is a CA independent and crypto-agile solution that delivers high performance and throughput. With its ability to handle requests in an asynchronous manner, TeraResponder is ideal for organizations with high throughput requirements. It can be easily deployed using Docker or Kubernetes containers, providing greater flexibility for businesses. TeraResponder’s user-friendly interface allows administrators to monitor certificate status and configure settings with ease.

Key features

We have taken note of your need for an OCSP responder and have ensured that the necessary features have been incorporated accordingly.

Standards Compliance

It conforms to RFC 5019 and RFC 6960.

CA independent

Its capable of working with any PKI platforms.

CRL Monitoring

It has been developed to detect and inform users of any incidents related to CRL, including but not limited to unavailability, expiration, or errors.

Compatible with HSM

It is compatible with both PKCS#11 cryptographic devices and cloud-based HSM solutions.


Its design enables it to adjust to high-performance demands readily. It's completely non-blocking and operates fully asynchronously.


TeraResponder is designed to be lightweight and easy to deploy, with the ability to adapt to changing architecture.

Delivery Bundles

It conforms to Kubernetes, Docker, and OS service standards.